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Toh-Taro is a Japanese Classical Sweets manufacturing company which has been in Fujinomiya since 1932.
We have been engaged in making Japanese sweets in Fujinomiya since 1932.
We are honored to be the means of connecting people with our sweets. We are constantly seeking to improve ourselves by taking lessons from the past, and we hope our sweets make you smile by keeping up with a Japanese tradition.

CEO:Taisuke Goto

Main Products

This is a homemade yolk red bean paste (ANKO) which contains both boiled and unboiled yolks. By adding local SAKE in it, it becomes full of flavor. It is baked after molding and putting salted cherry blossom (SAKURA) and our logo-mark.
It is selected as one of 100 best Japanese classical sweets. We made jam with cranberry (KOKEMOMO) which is known as an affective fruit in revealing fatigue and keeping your body healthy. We boil it with white bean paste (SHIRO-AN), then wrap it with our original sugar cracker (RAKUGAN).

It is our most popular sweets.
We tucked home-made filling into fluffy bread.  Enjoy two flavors ”Cheese butter” and “Pine Jam”.

This is a red bean paste jelly which contains KOKEMOMO, known as a spiritual fruit of Mt. Fuji. There is an old story that mountain hermits used to climb upon the lava and eat Kokemomo to keep their body healthy.
This is a red bean paste jelly which contains the Fujinomiya's local specialty laver seaweeds (SHIBAKAWA-NORI). It is said that those laver seaweeds have been presented to government and imperial court of Japan in Muromachi and Edo era. We knead those laver seaweeds which yield is getting lower and lower into red bean paste jelly (YOKAN).
This is a Panna Cotta which got the Gold medal at the first “Mt. Fuji Gourmet Competition". The melted snow water from Mt. Fuji and tofu from Mie Prefecture are the main ingredients. After mixing them with soybean milk, fresh cream, milk, sugar, and gelatin, it is strained very carefully. Then baste it with black syrup (KURO-MITSU). Now you can enjoy it.

Access Map

■Toutarou Main Store

8-3 Omiya-cho, Fujinomiya City, Shizuoka Pref 418-0066, JAPAN +81-544-26-4118

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■Toutarou Johoku Shop

452 Johoku-cho Fujinomiya-shi Shizuoka-ken 418-0062 JAPAN +81-544-26-081

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■Toutarou Nishiekimae Store

26-15 Nishimachi Fujinomiya-shi Shizuoka-ken 418-0056 JAPAN +81-544-26-3284

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